Ceiling base 12 o58

  • Ceiling base 12 o58

Price list

CEILING BASE 12 o58 is a round ceiling base provided for twelve outlets for hanging light bulbs, structures, glass or lampshades. In addition, standardised cabling is provided
There are also many options in the choice of shapes, sizes, finishes, wiring, fittings or the number of cable outlets


Plate : Ø58cm  -  Frame : Ø55 x 2,5cm

Technical Data

Minimum distance between two cable outlets : 10,5cm
Maximum diameter of pendants to be placed on the cables :
   Ø36cm - if the pendants are at different heights
   Ø19cm - if the pendants are at the same height
A frame to be fixed on the ceiling before the plate is put against it

In option, we also offer cables with fittings :
Please consult the ORDER FORM. We offer you a standard version or with other cables. The cables are covered with silk and match the color of the ceiling base.
WITH FITTINGS (3 models)
E27 RING : fitting with ring, to fix a structure or a lampshade (cable + fitting : code 6563)
E27 LONG : long fitting for a small or medium sized bulb (cable + fitting : code 6564)
E27 XXL : long and wide fitting for a big light bulb (cable + fitting : code 6565)

01 - Structured white - 7120 001
02 - Structured black - 7120 002
25 - Brushed brass - 7120 025
29 - Brushed bronze - 7120 029