Ceiling base 10 o83

  • Ceiling base 10 o83

Round ceiling base for 10 pendants


Plate : Ø83cm  -  Frame : Ø80 x 2,5cm

Technical Data

Minimum distance between two cable outlets : 25,3cm
Maximum diameter of pendants to be placed on the cables :
   Ø49cm - if the pendants are at different heights
   Ø24cm - if the pendants are at the same height
A frame to be fixed on the ceiling before the plate is put against it

In option, we also offer cables with fittings :
Please consult the ORDER FORM. We offer you a standard version or with other cables. The cables are covered with silk and match the colour of the ceiling base.
WITH FITTINGS (3 models)
E27 RING : fitting with ring, to fix a structure or a lampshade (cable + fitting : code 6563)
E27 LONG : long fitting for a small or medium sized bulb (cable + fitting : code 6564)
E27 XXL : long and wide fitting for a big light bulb (cable + fitting : code 6565)

02 - Structured black - 7100 002