• SPHERE LARGE glass Ø30cm transparent (code 80)
  • SPHERE LARGE glass Ø30cm amber (code 85)
  • SPHERE LARGE glass Ø30cm grey (code 89)
  • SPHERE LARGE glass Ø30cm anthracite (code 82)
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Price list

SPHERE LARGE is a decorative hanging glass, designed to be dressed with FORYOU closures. He will be part of a beautiful composition of glasses of different sizes, to form a charming FORYOU suspension
This 30cm round glass is available in two other sizes and four colors
Three sizes of glass :
SMALL - code n° 4445 - Ø22cm
MEDIUM - code n° 4446 - Ø25cm
LARGE - code n° 4447 - Ø30cm

Four colour shades of glass :
TRANSPARENT - code n° 080 (to be added after the glass code)
ANTHRACITE - code n° 082 (to be added after the glass code)
AMBER - code n° 085 (to be added after the glass code) 
LIGHT GREY - code n° 089 (to be added after the glass code)



SPHERE LARGE :   Ø30cm  h28,5cm  2,7 kg


Technical Data

The SPHERE LARGE glass is dressed with the CABLING FORYOU LA
This glass is equipped with an E27 fitting