• SPHERE SMALL glass Ø22cm anthracite (code 82)
  • SPHERE SMALL glass Ø22cm grey (code 89)
  • SPHERE SMALL glass Ø22cm transparent (code 80)
  • SPHERE SMALL glass Ø22cm amber (code 85)
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SPHERE is a decorative glass, designed to be suspended and dressed in two different ways : LUNA or FORYOU (see our different combinations) 
This glass is available in three sizes and four colour shades, which is why, in view of the numerous compositions proposed, it is advisable to add them to the price of each of our suspensions
Three sizes of glass :
SMALL - code n° 4445 - Ø22cm
MEDIUM - code n° 4446 - Ø25cm
LARGE - code n° 4447 - Ø30cm

Four colour shades of glass :
TRANSPARENT - code n° 080 (to be added after the glass code)
ANTHRACITE - code n° 082 (to be added after the glass code)
AMBER - code n° 085 (to be added after the glass code) 
LIGHT GREY - code n° 089 (to be added after the glass code)



SPHERE SMALL :   Ø22cm  h20cm  1,2 kg

Technical Data

In our suspensions, the SPHERE SMALL glass is dressed with the CABLING FORYOU or the CABLING LUNA SM. The latter is equipped with an E14 fitting

In addition to our LUNA and FORYOU references, it is possible to create other combinations. To do so, it is necessary to :
1) choose the SPHERE glasses from three sizes (SMall, MEdium and LArge) and four tints (Transparent, Anthracite, Amber and Light Grey)
2) add the CABLING that relate to the chosen glasses
3) choose the appropriate ceiling base, see CEILING BASES FOR SUSPENSIONS
4) and fill in the ORDER FORM