• Lampshade TOUYA 60 in Turda blond (fabric from category 3) with ring in Turda abricot
  • Lampshade TOUYA ambiance
  • Lampshade TOUYA 60 in Trento jute (fabric from category 3) with ring in Trento basalte
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Price list

The TOUYA 60 lampshade is a round cylindrical lampshade of 60cm diameter which brings elegance, colors and a nice presence in your decoration. The choice and the association of two materials is a "plus" that enriches your suspension
For a TOUYA 60 lampshade you have the choice between two types of attachments (E27 or NOURRICE) depending on the choice of the suspension that is installed
This lampshade was designed to be placed in suspension but it can also be installed against the ceiling, under the conditions of using our ceiling lamp KENTIKA CEILING and choosing the lampshade with the attachment for NOURRICE. He is equipped with an integral diffuser that closes it completely at the bottom and we offer five different sizes

A beautiful lampshade like TOUYA 60 is much more than just flipping a switch, it is about bringing color, light and warmth into your home. Choose carefully from our wide range of fabrics, materials and colors to decorate this lampshade



Ø62cm    H28cm    Ring : 7cm

Technical Data

TOUYA is a lampshade that has a ring in the centre that "floats" around it (in a different colour). This "ring lampshade" is lined with an opaque material to prevent unpleasant shadows from the inside.

Under the category SUSPENSIONS, we offer you : 
- with one E27 fitting, a choice of 11 suspensions
- with one NOURRICE (4 fittings E27), a choice between 8 suspensions.

The lampshade and the diffuser can easily be placed after the suspension has been mounted


Ø62 - 62 - 28cm (1x E27) (code 4860)
Ø62 - 62 - 28cm (Nourrice : 4x E27) (code 4861)
+ integral diffuser

  • Code: 4860 + fabric code
  • Code: 4861 + fabric code

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