• KENTIKA SHORT CEILING in brushed bronze

KENTIKA SHORT CEILING is a ceiling lamp where the lampshade is fixed to a NOURRICE (four E27 fittings) by a clamping screw
This ceiling lamp is only used for placing KENTIKA SHORT lampshades against the ceiling, see our range of LAMPSHADES TO HANG. These are made with a special attachment for placement on the NOURRICE. Other lampshades are adaptable to it 
This ceiling lamp, for four horizontally placed bulbs, allows the choice of lampshades with very little height, facilitates the maintenance of the bulbs, increases and distributes the luminosity in the lampshade



H8cm  Ø14,5cm


Ø10 x 1,9cm

Technical Data

Four E27 fittings mounted on a "NOURRICE"
A screw (Ø35mm) to fix the lampshade to the bottom of the "NOURRICE" 
Dimmable suspension
Tube 2,25cm 
On request : an otherbase
A fixing plate for the ceiling base (plan in PDF)

In the category LAMPSHADES TO HANG, we present 16 lampshades with a fixing for NOURRICE which are the only ones suitable for this type of suspension. They are divided into the following families :
- Lampshade Neferkare Fine
- Lampshade Kentika Fine
- Lampshade Kentika Short
For a perfect installation of the lampshades against the ceiling (Lampshade Kentika Short), additional clips are delivered (see MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS)
The lampshade and the diffuser can easily be fitted after the luminaire has been fully installed

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