• RICHELIEU 35 in brushed brass
  • RICHELIEU close-up of the reflector
  • RICHELIEU ambiance
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RICHELIEU 35 is a 36 cm long picture light
This elegant fixture combines all the qualities to highlight your picture: finesse, discretion, manageability and efficiency. This is the result of a long serie of tests and improvements and is certainly the best and most reliable picture light on the market
The reflector is equipped with a strip-LED : warm, powerful and generous light, which has a regular continuity over its entire length. This fixture is made of solid brass by experienced craftsmen and the finishes offered are more than remarkable. This picture light is available in two other lengths
The same model called VERSAILLES 35 is offered with an exposed box that is fixed above the picture


H30cm   L36cm   |→19,5cm

Technical Data

LED strip integrated in the reflector :
consumption 4,9W   brightness 410lm   color temperature 2700°K
Driver :  24-230V  12W  0,5A 
The driver is supplied separately and should be placed at the back of the picture
No dimmable picture light
The reflector is adjustable trough 180°
Reflector dimensions :  L36cm  Ø2,2cm  H1,7cm
The tube is to be fixed on the wall or on the picture
Two attachments for fixing the tube

25 - Brushed brass - 1903 025
29 - Brushed bronze - 1903 029
33 - Brushed nickel - 1903 033