• OUASET in light bronze
  • OUASET in brushed bronze. Ambiance J. Michiels - Brussels - Belgium
  • OUASET in brushed bronze
  • OUASET in brushed chrome
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OUASET is a reading light to be placed at the end of a sofa
Mounted on a solid and heavy base for exceptional stability is she very efficient and highly functional: swivel reflector, articulated arm, adjustable height and touch dimming on the reflector
Supplied with a warm and high power bulb. With its R7s fittings, it is easy to change the LED bulb
She is traditionally handmade by expert brass workers. This reading light is presented in beautiful finishes
Opting for a OUASET is an excellent choice


H91 → 153cm       L36 → 55cm 

BASE : #23 x 2,5cm

Technical Data

R7s fittings
Reading light delivered with one LED bulb : 
consumption 15W  brightness 2000lm  color temperature 2700°K  and dimmable
On the reflector, a sensitive push-button (touch-dimming) for ON, OFF and dimming
Driver-dimmer on the cable : 100V-240V   4-100W 
The reflector rotates through 360°
Reflector dimensions : L19,2 x 5cm  H3,9cm
Reading light with articulated arm through 360° and adjustable in height 
Mandatory use of a LED bulb (safety)

28 - Light bronze - 3668 028
29 - Brushed bronze - 3668 029
32 - Brushed chrome - 3668 032