• Lampshade KENTIKA 90 SHORT in Seta pourpre (fabric from category 3)
  • Lampshade KENTIKA 90 SHORT in Seta lemon (fabric from category 3)
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The lampshade KENTIKA 90 SHORT is a round and cylindrical lampshade EXTRA FLAT, of small height and 90cm of diameter which brings discretion and smoothness in your decoration.
This lampshade has been designed to be placed in suspension but it can also be installed against the ceiling, provided that you use our ceiling lamp KENTIKA SHORT CEILING
KENTIKA 90 SHORT lampshade has a special attachment that allows it to be fixed to a suspension with NOURRICE with four E27 fittings
Available in five other sizes and in a choice of over 160 fabrics, materials and colors, this lampshade comes with an integral diffuser that closes the entire lampshade at the bottom

A beautiful lampshade like the KENTIKA 90 SHORT is much more than just flipping a switch, it's about bringing color, restful light and a warm atmosphere into your home



Ø90cm   H20cm

Technical Data

This lampshade is designed to be placed exclusively with a NOURRICE (4 fittings E27) suspension.

We suggest 8 suspensions with NOURRICE adapted to this lampshade. See at the end of the category SUSPENSIONS.

If you choose the KENTIKA SHORT CEILING suspension with this lampshade, the whole thing will come up against the ceiling. 

The lampshade and the diffuser can easily be placed after the suspension has been mounted


Ø90 - 90 - 20cm (Nourrice : 4x E27)
+ integral diffuser

  • Code: 4592 + fabric code

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