UP 111

  • UP 111 in structured black and white
  • UP 111 in structured black
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UP 111  is a square-shaped luminaire for indirect upward lighting
He stands on the floor and is equipped with a foot switch
UP 111  is a lamp that easily brings light into dark corners of your home and even a touch of light when all the lights are off
It is equipped with a transformer for an AR111 bulb
The bulb is placed at the very bottom of the luminaire, which makes it discreet to the eye while providing a nice light power



#13,5cm     H22cm


Technical Data

The bulb that can be rotated by 30°
Uplight designed for a bulb  AR111   Ø111mm   G53 base
It is powered by 12V, via a transformer, compatible for LED bulb: 
12-230V   50-60Hz   3-60W 
Not dimmable luminaire
Foot switch on the cable
Mandatory use of a LED bulb (safety)


01 - Structured white - 6081 001
02 - Structured black - 6081 002