• OURANOS 2 in brushed chrome, black inside
  • OURANOS 2 in polished chrome, black inside
  • OURANOS 2 in brushed chrome, black inside
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OURANOS 2 is an imposing rectangular ceiling light that can be installed in a false ceiling
He consists of a black housing in which two mobile spotlights for GU10 bulbs are installed. After installing this box in the false ceiling, a brass frame remains visible around the box. The main advantage of this high quality ceiling light is that the frame has a wide range of finishes, all of which are remarkable
There are high wattage GU10 bulbs on the market. There is a model with one spot


#10,5 x 18cm    H11cm

Technical Data

Two 40° adjustable spotlights integrated in a rectangular box ready to be recessed
The inside box is finished in structured black
An visible decorative frame surrounds the rectangular box
Two GU10 fittings
Dimmable recessed spotlights, works directly on 230V, without transformer

A rectangular ceiling cutout : #9 x 17cm
Recessed depth : 12cm
Thickness of mounting surface : 1mm
Connect the electric cables
Straighten the clips and insert them into the ceiling cutout

02 - Structured black - 5864 002
25 - Brushed brass - 5864 025
29 - Brushed bronze - 5864 029
32 - Brushed chrome - 5864 032