• GALAND J ø in matt brass
  • GALAND J ø in light bronze
  • GALAND J ø in light bronze
  • GALAND J ø in light bronze
  • GALAND J ø in light bronze
  • GALAND J in light bronze
  • GALAND J ø in brushed bronze
  • GALAND J ø in brushed bronze
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Beautiful hanging lamp, drawn and designed by Nicolas GALAND, talented Belgian designer 
Suspension in brass, composed of two lighting elements, little wings in the lower part, which filters the light and creates a discreet atmosphere around the perimeter of the upper part 
This luminaire is made entirely of brass by craftsmen, who combine traditional and modern techniques to perfection
This high quality product is offered in remarkable finishes


H16cm → 206cm    L131 x 6cm


Ø6cm (x3)

Technical Data

Strips LED integrated in the reflector :
consumption 47,50W   brightness 4050lm   color temperature 2700°K
Driver :  220V-240V   50-60Hz   50W
Only dimmable with a DALI interface (optional module)
Reflector dimensions : L131 x 6cm  H6cm
Three decorative plates  Ø6cm (ceiling covers)
Two steel cables (2m), 72cm distance between them, adjustable in height during assembly
In the centre, a transparent electric cable (2m) with a section of 2x0,75mm²
Longer cables are available on request

Two fixings (with decorative plates) for three attachment points for the two steel cables
A Ø5cm round cut-out in the centre of the false ceiling to insert the driver
and a Ø6cm decorative plate with clips to close this hole, from which the power cable emerges
This suspension is also available with an apparent rectangular box. Two options: with cables or with telescopic tubes, see GALAND J #  or  GALAND J tubes. This is suitable for any other ceiling

25 - Brushed brass - 4700 025
28 - Light bronze - 4700 028
29 - Brushed bronze - 4700 029