• PAROS in brushed chrome
  • PAROS in brushed brass
  • PAROS LED spotlight mounted on flex. Light bronze finish
  • PAROS LED spotlight mounted on flex. Brushed brass finish
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A must in the bedroom, the reading light to be placed next to the bed allows you to read without disturbing your partner
PAROS is a minimalist reading light with an adjustable spotlight, mounted on a flexible, and a decorative plate with no visible screws
The converter is recessed into the back of the decorative plate
Efficient, thanks to the integrated LED bulb in the spotlight, it diffuses a warm and concentrated light



H11cm   L8,3cm   |→36cm


8,3 x 11 x 0,3cm

Technical Data

Integrated power LED in the spotlight :
consumption 1W   brightness 119lm   color temperature 2700°K
Driver : 14-230V  50-60HZ  350mA
Not dimmable wall light
A 30cm flex
The spotlight can be directed to all directions
Spotlight dimensions :  L5cm   Ø2,5cm 
Toggle switch on the plate
A visible wall plate with no visible screws
A second invisible plate to be screwed on a flush mounted box


25 - Brushed brass - 1628 025
28 - Light bronze - 1628 028
29 - Brushed bronze - 1628 029
32 - Brushed chrome - 1628 032