UP 300

  • UP 300 in brushed bronze
  • UP 300 in structured white
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Uplight, indirect lighting with a very high intensity, to be placed invisibly in a rail or on the top of a wall, a piece of furniture or a beam
UP 300 is equipped with a high-power LED module and the luminosity emitted by this reflector is very impressive
The luminaire has two mounting brackets that allow it to be adjusted upwards and in all directions (190°)



H6 → 9cm 

Technical Data

One LED module integrated in the reflector:  
consumption 30W   brightness 2900lm   color temperature 2700°K 
No driver this LED module works directly on 230V
Dimmable luminaire
The reflector can be rotated to 180° 
Reflector dimensions:  21,5 x 8,5cm   H4,5cm


01 - Structured white - 6087 001
02 - Structured black - 6087 002
29 - Brushed bronze - 6087 029